Haiti Update and Ways to Pray

Canva July Letter.jpg

The situation in Haiti is improving since riots broke out two weeks ago -- here is an overview/update and specific ways you can pray for Haiti, the school, and the community we serve.

Thank you for your faithful support of the work of our staff and leadership in Haiti. The good news is, the school is not dependent on Americans to run the daily operations of the school. We have a competent, capable staff doing so and for that we are grateful! We do depend on the support of our U.S. friends to fund the operations and for those people, churches, foundations, etc we are grateful as well.

Almost two weeks ago, the government announced that it would no longer subsidize gas prices, resulting in a 38-51% increase to the cost of fuel. The vast majority of the population lives on less than $2 a day and this would greatly affect their daily lives. Protests, riots, and roadblocks broke out across Haiti making it dangerous to leave your home. 

Despite an announcement that the government reversed its decision on fuel prices, the unrest continued, leading to the resignation of the Prime Minister on Saturday, July 14. The US Travel Warning has been lowered to Level 3 which is good news.

We are proud of our Haitian staff that continue to press on and fulfill their call to serve the poor of their country. We are thankful to work alongside them and support their efforts to provide education and meals and hope to the community of Pele.

We appreciate your continued prayers:

  • Pray for peace, strength and unwavering HOPE in Haiti.
  • Pray for wisdom for Haiti’s leaders. For the government to listen to the concerns of their citizens and act in the best interest of the Haitian people.
  • Pray for stability as the Prime Minister has resigned and a new PM will be appointed.
  • Pray for Haiti’s economic situation. For provision for the vast majority of Haitians who work endlessly and still struggle to provide for the basic needs of their families.
  • Pray for safety for the staff at the Good Shepherd School. For those who travel in and out of the community daily and those that live on the property and in the community. 
  • Pray that the daily summer feeding program does not get disrupted by the situation. We prepare and serve 400 meals to children and people every weekday at the school.