Church Dedication and Celebration!

We just returned from a very good visit in Haiti. A year ago for my 80th birthday wish, I asked you, our donors, to consider giving to build the new church/multipurpose building at the school. You all responded in such a wonderful and generous way that a year later, just 2 weeks ago, we dedicated the beautiful new building!

It had been a long, eight years since the earthquake toppled the church...Hundreds gathered to celebrate...Three weddings began at 7am to begin the day...There was joy, laughter, singing, and dancing!

Mary and I were asked to “cut the ribbon “ before the service. We recruited Chedrick’s two beautiful daughters, Pastor Tito’s two granddaughters, to share in the wonderful occasion. A GREAT and unforgettable day! MERCI! THANK YOU!!

Ribbon Cutting.jpg
Church inside.JPG
Church crowd.JPG
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Church / Multi-Purpose Building Funded!!

When the earthquake hit Haiti in 2010, the large church/multipurpose building of the school was completely destroyed. Fortunately, school was out at the time, but a vital part of our school complex was gone. Nearly a year ago I was about to turn 80; my birthday wish was for the construction of the new church/multi-purpose building. Your response to my wish has been overwhelming! We are pleased to show you the picture of the building alongside the architectural drawing.

The exterior of the building is complete and beautiful! However, we do need benches for the interior. Chedrick tells us that each bench/pew will cost $200.  We are going to have the Church dedication service on January 21.  We would love to have 30 new benches on that date. Do you have a church or civic group or Sunday School class that would like to give a bench? And we would love to have you join us for that dedication trip January 18-23.

Thanks again for your wonderful generosity that makes the school and church a possibility!

church design and new.jpg