Who We Are

The Haiti Child Sponsorship Program serves the people of the Good Shepherd School and Church in Pele, an impoverished community in Port-au-Prince. We currently serve 1000 students Kindergarten through 10th grade, employ 44 staff including administrators, teachers, cooks, latrine manager and security.

The school was built in 1982 under the direction of the Rev. Charlie Scott (our chairman) and the late Rev. Tito Caneus, and is now supervised by the Rev. Chedrick Caneus. Our U.S. coordinators are Julie Scott, Christy Howard and Renee Moldrup. We are led by a Board of Directors.

“Our mission is to provide a quality education, basic healthcare and one hot meal per day to the students of The Good Shepherd School, bringing dignity, hope and a future to the community.”

Our History

Charlie and Mary Scott, longtime leaders in Young Life, were inspired to create Child Sponsorship after traveling to the Philippines with their family on a Young Life mission trip in 1979. There they witnessed extreme poverty up close and felt called to do something to help the world’s poor, especially its children. They realized that this kind of poverty, and worse, existed much closer to home. A short flight from Florida takes you to one of the poorest countries in the world, Haiti. But Haiti, the Scotts discovered, is also a land of hope and promise, filled with children just like our own who deserve an education and better future.

Charlie met Pastor Tito, who had the same vision for the poor in his country.  His desire was to open a school for the children of the community. The two joined forces and established The Good Shepherd School in 1982.