Meet two 7th grade students

These interviews from two 7th graders at the Good Shepherd School remind us of what we do and why we do it -  for the children and the future of Haiti



"My name is Reynaldo. I live with my parents and one brother. I am in 7th grade. For me, the school represents the pride of the area and of every kid who has a chance to receive education from this prestigious school. Very often people don't like to give good things to poor people but I can say that people at this school make a difference. Every day I receive good education from my teachers, good food from the kitchen and they make me feel that I am important. The school is a really good thing that is offered to poor people in Haiti. Sincerely, my parents would never be able to send me to school if that school didn't exist because they are not working. My favorite subject at school is Physical Sciences because I understand it better.

When I graduate from High School, I would like to go to a university where I will study to become a doctor. I think like that I will have an opportunity to give back to people in my country. Thank you very much to God and to all of you who have combined your strength to make a dream become a reality (My school). God bless you."



“My name is Rose Berline. I live with my parents and three brothers. I am in 7th grade. I love the school because it has really good teachers to help us in our education. The responsibles share the Gospel with us and they encourage us to go to church. Mrs. Lovely always tell us that God loves us and they love us too. It's for that they have chosen to work at the school and they don't want to see one day that we are harmed because we have chosen to do bad things and follow the examples of bad friends. My favorite subject at school is English. I would like to be able to speak English one day. When I finish High School  I want to become a flight attendant, it's my dream. Thank you everyone for your support to the school. You are doing exactly the work of God in helping poor children in Haiti to have a good tomorrow.”