Christmas in Pele

What is Christmas like for the kids at the Good Shepherd School? We asked Chedrick to find out from a few of our students. Their answers made me think about how most of us celebrate Christmas and what it would be like if there were no gifts for the children. Here is what the students said in response to our questions:

"On Christmas day, my family and I usually pray to God and thank Him for everything and specially for the New Year that is coming. Sometimes, I visit my friends and enjoy the moment with them. I do not receive anything special, only the sweet love of my parents. As I used to see snow on TV, I always pray to God that He can give me a chance one day to see that happen. Unfortunately, until now I cannot see my snow." - Neisa Lafleur, 15 years old

"People consider Christmas as a special moment that remind us of the birthday of Jesus. I don't receive a gift very often, but when I receive a gift it used to be cloth (something to wear) or shoes." - Schania Meddy, 11 years old

We are so grateful for your support that helps these kids and hundreds more experience one gift we can give them -- the gift of education. We hope you have a meaningful Christmas and blessed New Year!


Charlie and Mary Scott, Founders Haiti Child Sponsorship
Chedrick Caneus, Good Shepherd School Director
Julie Scott, Christy Howard, U.S. Program Coordinators