Remembering the Earthquake

This month, we remember the earthquake that struck Haiti six years ago. We continue to stand with our Haitian brothers and sisters and remember those who have been deeply affected by this tragic event. We are so GRATEFUL for all the people, churches, foundations, and organizations that have helped us REBUILD Buildings, Lives and Hope! There is more work to be done and we look forward to pressing on in 2016.

Help the School start a Band...

Imagine 30 school kids marching down the streets of this very poor community playing songs and musical instruments! Chedrick says he can find a music teacher so here is a new request -- DO YOU HAVE OLD INSTRUMENTS LIKE TRUMPETS, TROMBONES, CLARINETS, FLUTES, TAMBOURINES, HARMONICAS, etc. that you would like to donate to the school band? If so, please mail them to this address: 1841 S Creek Dr. Austell, GA 30601. 

A New Year Message from Chedrick...

We thank you very much for choosing to accompany our ministry in Haiti with your prayers, your visit to the country, your donations and we thank you too for accepting to share with other people about our school, our needs and our country. On behalf of the Good Shepherd School staff in Haiti, we wish you and your family a wonderful Happy New Year of 2016.


Charlie and Mary Scott, Founders Haiti Child Sponsorship
Chedrick Caneus, Good Shepherd School Director
Julie Scott, Christy Howard, U.S. Program Coordinators