The Widow's Mite


Imagine attending church in a make-shift tent with tin roof and chickens wandering between the pews. This was our experience on Sunday during our recent visit to The Good Shepherd School. During the week the building serves as a large classroom for the preschool students at the school. When it came time for the offering, people came forward to the altar with their gifts. 

Down the side aisle of the church, a little girl maybe 5 years old, dressed in ragged clothes with bare feet brought a tattered piece of Haitian paper money to the altar.  She stood on her tiptoes to drop the offering in the plate. 

Her gift, like the widow's mite, touched us deeply.

Your gift, small or large, makes it possible for very poor children like her to go to school and enjoy at least one meal a day.  This Thanksgiving, we are so very thankful for the school, meal program, progress on the new water project and all of you who make this possible!


Charlie and Mary Scott, Founders Haiti Child Sponsorship
Chedrick Caneus, Good Shepherd School Director
Julie Scott, Christy Howard, U.S. Program Coordinators