Celebrating 20 Years of Young Life in Haiti

In 1999 when our school in Haiti was in its 17th year of operation, we decided we should start Young Life. Pastor Tito Caneus, our co-founder, had made two trips to Florida and to Young Life’s Southwind Camp. He wanted Young Life for the kids in Haiti, so that year we appointed Chedrick, his son, to become the first Young Life staff person.

Young Life (Jenn Vi) took off not only in Port-au-Prince but also across the country. Twenty years later, there are 18 staff and 300 volunteer leaders sharing the love of Christ to kids in 62 communities including Pele and the Good Shepherd School.

We just got back from the wonderful celebration! This ministry became possible because of your support for the Good Shepherd School, so thank you for what you did and are doing for kids in Haiti. Your gifts provide for education, food and helped start the important work of Jenn Vi two decades ago. Thanks again and again!