Education Empowers

Education helps fight poverty and empowers people with the knowledge, skills and confidence to shape a better future. 

7th grade Mathematics class at The Good Shepherd School

7th grade Mathematics class at The Good Shepherd School

Without the school, most of these young people would be on the street -- without work, without hope and dignity, and without community.  In fact, only 20% of children in Haiti make it to the 7th grade. You may notice that they seem older than a typical 7th grader. The average age of a 7th grade student is 16yrs. 

1st grade class

We are PROUD of these students and our dedicated staff at The Good Shepherd School and privileged to make a difference in their lives and community! THANK YOU for making it possible for these kids and hundreds of others to receive an education and have hope for their future. 


Charlie and Mary Scott, Founders Haiti Child Sponsorship
Chedrick Caneus, Good Shepherd School Director
Julie Scott, Christy Howard, U.S. Program Coordinators

P.S. We have added a trumpet and trombone to the Pele Band. Keep them coming to 1841 South Creek Drive, Austell, GA 30106.